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Monday, April 20, 2009

Logitech LS21 Speakers
I picked up the Logitech LS21 speakers to use on my xbox 360 which i have hooked up through vga cables so i can play it off my Acer x223w lcd monitor; instead of having to share the current logitech speakers i have for my iMac computer. I was surprized to find out that they did not work with my xbox 360 since they did not have the mp3 player port “aux out” to put the sound out through the speakers; so i ended up using them for my iMac and using the ones i had hooked up from my iMac to my xbox 360 because i knew they already worked. So i guess everything worked out for the best but then if i did not already have those other speakers i would of had to bring them back. So what i guess im saying is make sure you do your research ahead of time.

1. The sound is very loud but when it gets to much of a high pitch sound like the msn bing noise or aim noise it is a bit vibraty “if thats a word”. But for loud lower sounds it seem to work perfectly fine.

2. I find the subwoofer where the speaker is on the bottom it seems a bit to close to the floor so i would suggest having it sideways so it does not sound muffled.

3. The grey color on the 2 main speakers seems to mark up easy, i haven’t had my speakers for a week yet and i already have a mark on one them.

4. The audio connector being seperate from the speakers is another geat thing that i like and it is easy to access and very simple to use.

*NOTE: Unfortunatly it was not what i was looking for in a system so i took it back for a refund.

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