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Friday, April 24, 2009

Halo 3: Living Dead
Alright so if your into the whole infection fiasco; killing "humans" or being a "zombie" you'll like this weekends double experience challenge on halo 3 which is called Living Dead.


What is "Infection"?
- Some players start off as zombies and seek to devour humans. 3 rounds, most points wins.

- The humans start off well armed, but ammunition is limited.

Alpha Zombie
- Players who start the round as zombies are more powerful than those they infect.

Hide & Seek
- Your only defense is stealth. Don't let the zombies find you!

General Tips:
1. When playing as a zombie, usually you are outmatched and win games by sheer numbers mainly. However, use of such power ups as the overshield and active camo can help dramatically. The overshield allows you to take on humans head on. Whereas one shotgun shot would kill you earlier, it becomes two, which means that you can use your sword to kill them. Sometimes, humans are so surprised when you kill them that they panic, trying to run away. Simply pick them off. The active camo is also great, especially in multi-leveled maps. Simply go over and take out multiple enemies at a time. Crouch walking works for even more stealth. On maps like last resort, the pit, and standoff with multiple levels, this can confuse and disorientate your enemy. Both powerups are key for success as a zombie.

2. Players should pick one spot on the map that is easy to defend and just stay there.

3. Give your team roles; one guy either has a sniper rifle or beam rifle and either spots the approaching zombies or picks them off, another person has an Assault Rifle or SMG and acts as a Support Gunner, another may have a BR or Carbine and serves as the 'Rifleman', and the last guy should be armed with a close range weapon like the Shotgun or Mauler.

4. NEVER go out alone, the only times a person should go out is to either recon where the zombies are or get ammunition.

5. On maps where there are vehicles, USE THEM!!! The Warthogs chaingun or the Scorpions' cannon can make short work of approaching zombies from long range. However, if the Scorpion is ambushed, the other team mates have to protect it.

6. Reload when there is a lull in the fighting, don't face a swarm of zombies with only one bullet-you can't shoot yourself in that situation.

7. If you use weapons like an Assault Rifle, fire in short controlled bursts-don't spray lead everywhere; you need those bullets.

8. Make EVERY SHOT COUNT use weapons like the Carbine or Battle Rifle to make good shots.

9. If low on rounds, melee; but only do this when its absolutely necessary.

10. If you really don't want to be a zombie, just commit suicide with a grenade if there is no hope.

*Info provided by halowiki

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