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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Halo 3: Fiesta
On spawning players recieve 2 random weapons, or one if they are in first place. There are no weapons on the map. First to 50, no time limit, all difficult kills are rewarded. For 2-16 players.


Games in fiesta:
- Fiesta King
- Fiesta Ball
- Fiestanaut
- Fiesta Slayer

Fiesta King:
This is just like king of the hill except you all have random weapons when you start out.

Fiesta Ball:
Oddball with a different name, as the rest you start out with random weapons.

This is just like juggernaut so basically you cannot go after other player in the game except the one who is "infected" or "it" id like to say but beware of people who like to kill others in the game just for fun; LIKE ME!

Fiesta Slayer:
Just like regular slayer, except random weapon changes when you start and when you die and respawn.

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