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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

iPod Touch 2G Review
The iPod Touch 2G is the second generation of the iPod touch family and has been doing great ever since the first release of the iPod touch 1G. The iPod touch ranges on different prices depending on which GB model you wish to go with, it can range from $239.99 for the smallest model 8GB up to about $399.99 for the highest model which is the 32GB; what ever model you wish to go with they all come with the same features and same sleek sexy look.

The iPod touch 2G comes preloaded with the following applications: Safari, Calendar, Mail, Contacts, YouTube, Stocks, Maps, Weather, Clock, Calculator, Notes, Settings, and of course the app store. None of the preloaded applications can be removed as far as I know but they can be moved around easily with the touch of your finger to what ever way you wish to have them.

Now you are probably asking what is the difference between the first generation iPod touch to the second generation; there are a few tweaks and additions which are either unmentioned by Apple, or just don’t become apparent until you actually play with the device. Well first thing you will be noticing is the packaging. The 1G Touch came in a smaller version of the iPhone box. The new one comes in a bigger version of the Nano box — clear plastic and only barely big enough to hold the iPod and accessories. Along with the Touch you get a USB cable, headphones (the old ones, not the new ones with remote control and microphone), a Universal Dock adapter and a rolled up microfiber cleaning cloth also to note the iPod touch 2G does not come with a horizontal/vertical stand for your touch also there is some bits of paper, presumably the instructions and iPod stickers. The 2G Touch feels very different. The curved back and lighter weight mean it sits a lot better in the hand. The physical buttons, too, feel different. The main, round home button is a little easier to press — you still get a positive click, but it feels like there is a lighter spring behind it. The top button is slightly more angular and feels grippier. This may be because it is now set into the smooth metal bezel instead of the old matte bezel. The volume switch is a plastic rocker with a small depression in the center which is very easy to press and shows up on the screen when playing music or with applications to increase or decrease the volume. Switching on, the speaker makes itself heard, the speaker itself isn’t as bad as expected, and makes a surprising difference to the iPod. It’s ideal for watching YouTube videos with a friend, and indoors is quite loud enough. When playing loud music from it just doesn't sound right coming from the speaker so you are better off using your headphones; but for games it’s perfect. You won’t find the speaker visible on the ipod itself; It is, as far as you can determine, tucked away inside the headphone jack socket or dock port.

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