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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The day the world stopped spinning..
So it is like impossible for me to have some electronic gadget for a long time without it dyeing or freaking out on me, which then I have to send a way for repairs!

The image above is not my iPod exactly but it mind as well be, I haven't even had my new iPod Touch 2G for a month and the battery decides to malfunction and not want to charge for me; it also has 2 dead pixels on it, well that are ether dead or stuck but I was going to ignore it but then my battery decided to go wacko on me so then I decided to call Apple. They were very polite on the phone I have to give them that because if you call a lot of calling centers you know how some of them can be. I mistakenly called the U.S number and the female told me i was in the wrong section and she was transferring me over to the Canadian help center, from there I talked to a male and I told him about my battery not wanting to charge and he asked me a series of questions which I tried such as factory restoring my iPod which did me no good; then to sync it to another computer which I tried after I talked to him but still nothing worked. I then mentioned to him about the dead pixels and he went from troubleshooting me to getting my information to send a box to package the iPod up to return and get an exchange for a new one if it could not be fixed; I was generous for getting these people who actually care about there customers and want to help them out as best as they can.

So I guess the whole end of the story is that now I have an iPod touch I can not use, and I'm waiting for there box in the mail to ship it to them in which case I hope does not take long because this was a birthday gift and I would actually like to use something I got and not to just look at. I will probably update this on what happens when it happens.

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