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Sunday, June 7, 2009

iPod Touch 3.0 Firmware LEAKED!
Ok from what information I collected around the interwebs iPhone and iPod Touch Firmware (os) 3.0 will have copy paste feature including new features some others might like more.

Here are the features scrambled together:
Copy and Paste
MMS (Multi Message Service) send recive photos etc..
Landscape orientation
Voice Memos (voice recording) - not iPod Touch!
New Calendar Format
BlueTooth - iPod Touch Update!

This update it to be release hopefully June 10th, 2009 so watch for it. The bottom picture's are images of what some "beta testers" have seen before the official release date.

The home screen looks the same, with some tiny differences (one not shown in the screenshot, but the app is shown later)

mainly the only difference is that you got a tiny spotlight icon on the bottom page indicator, if you slide to the left you get access to spotlight:

this thing searches everything by default. Mail, contacts, sms (if your on a iphone), music, bookmarks, and history. Now the second biggest new thing for iPod users is Voice Memo's (don't if iphone had this)

It does require a iPhone headset or the new Shuffle headset(with the controls), and works quite simply just press the red button and record, press the listing and you can view the recordings you’ve done.

Now, back to spotlight a bit:

as you can see, it’s available practically everywhere you’d need to search

Here’s a few more features podcast related:

from left to right, first is mail-to, this links to the itunes page of the podcast you’re listening to, use this to for example tell friends about how awesome someone is, second is used to jump 30 secs back, which is pretty nice, instead of the 10 sec, last is podcast speed, this setting allow you to speed up a bit (twice as fast, or half speed), useful if you can’t be bothered to use the next function:

Scrubbing, you could do this before too, but only at real-time speed, which made it hard to fine scrub to the place you wanted to listen/watch from, so by sliding your finger down from the bar you can control the scrubbing speed.


Bluetooth! I haven’t gotten it to work properly yet, but I’m not even sure if it’s supposed to work yet (kind of like MMS in beta 1-2 for iphone) now there is a new feature on the main settings menu, called store, this is ment to let you get a quick overview of your itunes account, not that good looking yet (just a badly formatted embedded webkit view) and not functional.

Images courtesy of *Thor Erik's Blog

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